WordPress Pros vs. Website Builders: The Role of WordPress Professionals

Website building tools are getting a constant increase in flexibility and power as they get updates and as newer ones come out. These tools are certainly great, and in light of this, hiring professional web designers might seem unnecessary.

The article below compares the two, showing you what designers bring to the table, and the value added by hiring a professional regardless of these high-quality DIY tools.

There was a recent article by Smashing Magazine that detailed how web agencies like mine need to step it up and offer more value than just building a website. It’s a misnomer that many of us find difficult to penetrate. The idea that our livelihood is going away because of websites like Squarespace, Weebly, WordPress.com or Wix, is not accurate.

I agree with the basic premise of the SmashingMagazine article, that with page builders becoming easier it can make buying web services suspect. But the author admits that we still need professional developers for the highly custom websites. He’s just not giving the right reasons.

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