The WordPress Web Developer Honor Code

WordPress is great, but the average small business has a poor experience having their business website built on WordPress.

As WordPress professionals, this is a failure on our part.  How can we do better?  In this article Fred Meyer lays out an excellent case for a Web Developer Code of Honor–something that every web developer should have.

If, as a community of WordPress professionals, we can align on the kind of consistent, quality experience we want to give out clients (the one they deserve), we’ll raise the bar in the WordPress ecosystem and our average rates will raise accordingly.

After more than five years of doing WordPress development full-time, one thing keeps coming back to me: just how bad the average person’s experience is having a small business website built in WordPress.

WordPress is a wonderful technology, but most small business website owners are not having wonderful experiences with it. In this article, I’ll explain why not, and present what I hope could be a solution.

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