How to Launch a Successful Affiliate Program for WordPress Themes & Plugins [Guide]

Affiliate marketing is effective because it allows you to leverage your biggest fans to help advertise your WordPress plugins or themes.  It also allows you to leverage professional marketers (those who do affiliate marketing for a living) to help advertise your products.

Using affiliate marketing for WordPress products can have amazing results (thousands of new customers) or be a big revenue loser (fraudulent affiliates collecting commissions), so it’s important to execute your affiliate program right.  This is one of the most comprehensive guides we’ve found on affiliate marketing for WordPress plugins and themes.

When your plugin or theme business reaches a certain maturity, inevitably, you start to explore additional revenue streams. One trendy channel is affiliation. Setting up an Affiliate Program can be a powerful, long-term investment that will make you money, power up your SEO, and improve your brand awareness. Alternatively, if planned or executed incorrectly – become a huge waste of time and money, so it’s important to do it right.

This is the most comprehensive guide for commercial WordPress product business owners. It’ll help you make the right decisions about your Affiliate Program.

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