The Pros & Cons of Selling WordPress Themes on Envato’s ThemeForest

There are a lot of places available now for selling WordPress themes that you create. Along with the several marketplaces out there, you also have the option of selling from your own site and keeping all of the profits.

The article below will talk in-depth about ThemeForest. It discusses how the site is ran, and the pros and cons of that marketplace compared to the other options available. If you’re still trying to decide where to sell your product, it’s well worth the read.

With WordPress used by over 30% of all websites, the space can be very competitive! A dilemma for WordPress theme developers is whether to go out on their own or distribute through a marketplace. We’re going to explore first-hand experience of selling themes on ThemeForest over five years, and some of the pros and cons of the platform. If you are still deciding which route to take, this can help you choose.

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