Starting a WordPress Business?  Here are 30 Expenses You Should Expect [List]

WordPress is an ever growing space, with more tools than ever for building a website and getting yourself established. But despite the prevalent opportunities for success that WordPress provides, there’s a lot of costs incurred along the process that need consideration.

From business registration, to the various costs of building and hosting your website, to paying for your own time off, the article below will take you through the thirty primary costs you’ll have to account for over the course of starting and growing your business. With advice to offer on each of them, it’s well worth your read.

As WordPress gains more and more of the global CMS market share, there are a lot of opportunities to help businesses establish a strong digital presence with it. Needless to say, launching a WordPress business in this environment is a smart move. That said, no matter how slow of a start you have with your WordPress business, there are costs everyone has to contend with.

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