Selling WordPress Plugins & Themes: Should You Go Niche?

Mass-market versus niche is an important, and often difficult, thing to consider as a developer of WordPress products. Mass-market, of course, gives you the potential for more sales. However, with all the themes and plugins out there, it can be extremely difficult to be noticed at all.

A niche, if properly targeted, increases the chances of that dramatically. The article below compares the two in more detail to help you determine which is right for you and offers some advice on how to do it right if you choose to go niche.

Back in 2010, a developer could release a mass market WordPress theme or plugin and amass thousands of sales within a few months.

In today’s market, that sort of success is exceedingly rare, and so, one of the most important decisions product developers must make is whether to go mass market or target a niche.

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