Plugin Developer Stories: Zero BS CRM by Mike Stott

Zero BS CRM is a customer relationship management plugin designed to make managing your contacts easy. It does what you need without being bogged down with needless extra bloat.

One of the developers, Mike Stott, talking about the plugin in an interview below. He answers questions like how he got started with WordPress, where the idea for the plugin came about, decisions behind the name, and more. There’s a lot of information about the plugin design and marketing process, so it makes a good read for anyone looking to build a plugin of their own.

Mike Stott, one of the developers behind Zero BS CRM, answered my questions about the origins of the plugin, the decision behind the name and what it’s like building what is traditionally a SaaS application as a self-hosted solution. Mike was gracious enough to spend a lot of time on these answers and I wanted to thank him publicly for going the extra mile.

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