How to Start Making Money with Your Skills [Interview]

Are you a WordPress developer, designer or blogger who wants to be an entrepreneur and start your own business?  If so, this is for you.  Though this interview isn’t WordPress specific, it’s a great introduction to how to make money with your WordPress skill set.

This is an interview from Smart Passive Income on how to succeed in the modern business world by leveraging your expertise.

Let’s go back in time to the day after I lost my architecture job. What would you say to me? That’s the thought experiment we’re running today with Roberto Blake, creative entrepreneur and founder of Awesome Creator Academy and Create Awesome Media.

In my challenge to Roberto, he walks me through exactly what he’d suggest I do to get started building a personal brand (if it was the day after I got let go). He identifies the strategies, tactics, and mindset that any new entrepreneur should embrace, and highlights the shifting culture of modern business. Roberto has a reputation for building brands from the ground up and helping entrepreneurs make money with their creativity, and his game plans are spot-on.

Are you looking to make money with your skills? Roberto Blake walks me through the process of how you can prove your expertise in your industry.

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