Introducing the WordPress & Remote Jobs Directory


We’re happy to announce that we’ve launched our job sites directory.  It focuses specifically on WordPress jobs and Remote jobs (non-WordPress specific).

Rather than including actual job listings, we opted to aggregrate the top sites for WordPress and Remote jobs.

WordPress Jobs

Despite how large the WordPress ecosystem is, there are surprisingly few places dedicated to WordPress jobs.  The highest quality WordPress job source we found was the Post Status Job Board.  Here’s how they describe their process:

The Post Status Job Board is the best way to get a job in front of serious WordPress professionals. Likewise, it’s the best way for serious WordPress professionals to find qualified, full-time positions at great companies.

All jobs submitted to Post Status go through a review process with our editorial team, where we qualify the employer and position available; then we do our best to help accurately express the position to our audience, so that both applicant and employer know as much about one another as possible before the interview starts. Then, it’s up to you.

Excerpted from the Post Status Job Board

Explore Post Status and other WordPress job sites on our jobs page.

Remote Jobs

We were surprised how many remote job sites there were–there are over 100 remote job sites on our list!  Some serving all remote jobs, some were specific to programming language, geography and more.  Other sites focused on specialties like customer support, design, etc.  Explore them all here.

Happy Hunting!

We hope these job resources are helpful,  If you have any corrections or additions let us know on our contact page.  Click the button below to go to our jobs page.

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