How to Win More Clients Without Doing More Work

Clients are essential to keeping a business running. Without them, you have no revenue. Quality work and fair rates are essential to drawing in clients, but it only goes so far. Without simply doubling down on your workload and sending out far more proposals, what else can you do to win over more potential clients?

That’s what the article below is all about. The solution it presents may surprise you: simply sending your notes from your meetings to your clients. It seems simple, but it can help build trust and resolve misunderstandings early. Give it a read to learn more.

Your prospects care about 3 things:

– Do you understand the core problem?
– Do you have the right experience?
– Do they trust you to fix their issues?

My guess is that all of what I’ve just told you is not news. You know this. You do this. And the point of this post is to help you to win more clients.

So what’s the trick? I’m about to tell you.

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