How to Win Credit Card Disputes for WordPress Themes & Plugins

If you’re running any kind of business with online payment processing, chances are you’re going to run into credit card disputes. These can be incredibly difficult to win, but that doesn’t mean it’s entirely hopeless.

The article below goes into much greater detail about the issue, as well as providing advice to greatly improve your dispute win rate. You’ll never win every dispute, but it can be greatly beneficial to increase your rate to stop losing out on payments you could have had.

In the past few months, I’ve stumbled across multiple online discussions among WordPress plugin and theme developers on how hard it is to win Stripe/Credit-Card Disputes. So much so, that many developers gave up on dealing with them entirely, as they feel it isn’t worth their time. We were in the same boat when we just started Freemius, averaging at about a 4% success rate. Over the years, we managed to develop various and unique techniques that helped us increase our Credit Card Disputes winning success rate by 740% (from 4% to 29.6%), and almost without losing any PayPal Dispute and recovering most of the Chargeback.

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