How to Revive or Repurpose Dying WordPress Plugins & Themes

Sometimes, even if they succeed on the market for a while, older WordPress plugins or themes might slowly lose sales and die off. You can offset this by putting out new ones, but this doesn’t mean once sales start to go downhill your only choice is to abandon your older products.

The article below will show you ways to revive or repurpose a dying theme or plugin. First it goes over some ways to determine if your product really is dying, and then offers some suggestions for what to do if it is, from a rebuild to selling it off, and more. There’s a lot you can do with such products besides just letting them fade into obscurity if you take the right approach.

For a variety of possible reasons, if you’re a WordPress plugin or theme owner, you may find yourself in a situation where your product is slowly dying out (or can pretty much be declared dead already). With the number of abandoned plugins and themes, we all know that dying products are a rather common sight in the WordPress ecosystem. If this has happened to your product, or if you fear that someday it might, then read this article, in which I’ll provide you with several salvation options that can help either revive or repurpose your dying product and help it continue to bring value to you and to other people.

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