How to Price Memberships Right

A crucial component of a successful membership website is correct pricing. Too high and you drive away would-be members, but too low and you can cut your profits down too far to be sustainable. There is no right answer for everyone, and a lot of factors go into the decision.

The article will walk you through some of these factors, from evaluating your site’s value to your members, to costs, comparing to others in a similar niche, and more. There’s a lot of information presented to help you find the sweet spot that maximizes both members and profits.

Figuring out what to charge your members can be downright confusing! Some membership sites seem to have such high prices, yet others are so affordable, leaving you wondering: what’s the value of my own site anyway?

In this post, we’ve discussed some perspectives to help you get a bit clearer on what you should charge and why.

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