How to Make Money Online with Video Marketing [Guide]

Marketing is an important tool for growing a business of any kind. Marketing has many forms, some more suited to certain people and certain kinds of businesses than others.

The podcast and article below talks about video marketing with a focus on Youtube, and how to use it to promote your business and increase your revenue. It’s a platform with an insane number of views, so with the right approach it can prove a serious boon to your business.

Making an income online is like building a relationship, and like any relationship it takes time to earn trust. One of the ways to do that is through video marketing, which is why I have Sean Cannell on the show with me today—video marketing is his superpower! He’s earned notoriety through a couple of channels on YouTube like Video Influencers and Think Media. Today we’re talking about how you can use YouTube to grow your brand and influence online and how to successfully monetize your channel (apart from plain old AdSense).

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