How to Improve Your Branding & Marketing

Having a strong brand is important for a lot of different businesses. You want people to be able to remember and recognise you and your products. But between names, logos, color schemes and the like, there’s a lot to figure out. How can you know if it properly represents you and your business?

Well, part of the problem can be getting an outside perspective. The article below talks about this in detail, and offers solutions to how you can gather outside opinions to help shape your branding.

Can I tell you a story?  A few years ago I was sitting in an office with a group of folks. If you know me, you know that’s a bit strange since I do a lot of work remotely.

But this was one of those times when I was helping out a company, and they were stuck and they asked if I would come to their offices and meet with their entire marketing team.  They were stuck.

I want to help you. You don’t have to suck at branding and marketing.

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