How to Earn $15,000+/mo. with Productized Services [Guide]

WordPress professionals like freelancers typically offer services like web design to clients.  Services are customized and tailored to each client.  They’re usually higher in value, but low in scale.

A recent (very profitable) trend is productized services.  With productized services the same kinds of services are offered, but within constraints and narrower focus so the process can be systemized and consistently delivered as a packaged service.

The author discusses how he got to $15,000/mo. in recurring revenue after only two months and shows how you can also create a profitable product for your WordPress business.

When you’re done, here’s another article with 10 productized services you can start making money with.

Two months ago I started a design-as-a-service startup that grew to $15k/month and I thought it was time to sum up my learnings in a post and help fellow

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