How to Create an Ecosystem Plugin

Ecosystem plugins are a big deal. They provide a lot of functionality to subsets of WordPress users, and help streamline and to a certain degree define those spaces. Creating them offers a lot of opportunities in the current market as well.

These aren’t just small plugins to fill small functions however. If you want to create an ecosystem plugin successfully, you need to know what you’re getting into. The article below will offer a framework of the important decisions to make before you start, and the basic areas of focus as the project continues to help you stay on track and create a plugin worthy of the ecosystem title.

This guide is written for individuals and organizations who have decided to build an Ecosystem Plugin. You’ve decided to build an Ecosystem Plugin. Awesome. The timing is great and I’m excited to see what you build. I’ve written this guide to provide you with a framework for you and your team as you plan and execute on the work.

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