How the Discover Phase Can Save Client Projects

The discovery phase, where you and your client talk things out and figure out exactly what you aim to build, is an import part of projects. You need to understand what your client wants, and they need to understand the scope, and costs, of you creating their vision.

The article below will go into more detail about this, providing examples of both well and poorly handled discovery phases, and why it’s important that your clients pay to sit down with you and go over this phase.

The discovery phase is a crucial part of a project if you are hoping for an accurate understanding of what the client needs, who will be using the end product, and what the technology behind each step is. At the end of this phase of the project, you will know the scope of the project and you should be able to deliver a document for each piece of the puzzle you “discovered” along the way. But this process is not free. Either the client pays for it, or your company eats the cost. Here’s why it’s worth it.

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