How Edublogs Makes Money with WordPress Multisite

WordPress multisite is a powerful tool that allows you to host thousands (even millions) of website w\on a single WordPress install.  This is great, but how can you make money with WordPress this way?  This post is about how Edublogs does it.

The major caveat here is that this post is partially outdated.  For example, they reference WordPress MU, which is now called WordPress multisite and part of WordPress core.

There are also a few other outdated elements, but this post is still incredibly useful because the lessons on how to make money with a WordPress multisite install are still very much relevant.

4 years later, Edublogs is one of the largest blog hosting sites on the web, employs multiple staff, runs on hosting that costs upwards of AU$10k per month and, most importantly, is a sustainable (and growing) business. How did we do this?

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