A Guide to Making Money with Curated Content Websites on WordPress [Guide]

With all the articles out there on just about every topic you can think of, content curation sites make finding them easy by gathering that information together in one place. But how can you take such a site one step further?

This how-to guide lists several ways you can monetize your WordPress website, helping your site grow and allowing you to bring in a notable income for your efforts.

Content curation is huge right now. Sites are curating everything from WordPress news to weird tech products to pretty much anything else. But are these sites actually making any money? And if you start your own content curation website, how can you make money with curated content?

In this post, I’ve put together a huge list of ideas to make money from your content curation website. You probably won’t implement every single one of these ideas into your curated content site, but choosing a few of them will give you a nice, diversified revenue stream.

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