5 Ways to Reengage Dormant Affiliates [List]

Part of the charm of affiliate programs is that when run well, they help everyone involved. You get an increase in traffic and sales, and they get a commision on their work. However, over time, your affiliates might sometimes run out of steam, allowing the benefits for both of you to dwindle.

Sometimes you might have to search for new affiliates, but that isn’t always your only option. The article below offers five steps you can take to help re-engage your affiliates by providing increased incentives, tools, and more to drive them to increased success for the both of you.

Running an affiliate program can be challenging, especially when you’ve invested a lot into recruiting, onboarding, and empowering quality affiliates. Sometimes, even with the best preparation, tools, and resources, affiliates can get distracted, disinterested, or lose steam, causing noticeable lulls in your program’s performance – or at the very least, missed opportunities for growth and success. Here’s how to fix it.

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