3 Ways to Make More Money from a WordPress Website [List]

To make money with a WordPress website, you need to have an audience. But you also need that audience to be engaged in your content. Making real money requires taking an approach that fits with the audience your website has.

The article below talks about three different ways you can use your website to make money, and how to choose between them based on your traffic and audience engagement. Be sure to give it a read tofind a good starting point for your monetization.

What determines your ability to make money with WordPress? Two key factors: audience and engagement.

Making money in any business is a function of providing value. The more we help other people solve their problems, the more other people are willing to pay us for our assistance.  If you want to make money from your WordPress site, you must provide value.

Learn how your blog’s audience size and engagement rates weigh into money-making opportunities like advertising, affiliate marketing and direct sales.

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