3 Ways to Make Money With a WordPress Blog [List]

Blogging is a passion for a lot of people and it takes that passion and interest in your topic to make a truly great blog. Blogging can also be a good source of income. With the right approach, you can monetize all the effort you put into your blog and live the dream of making money doing what you love with WordPress.

Read on to find how blog monetization has changed over the years, and learn some of the most effective modern ways of turning a quality blog into a livelihood.

There’s nary a blogger alive who hasn’t considered monetizing their WordPress site at some point. Sure, a lot of us do it for love not money, writing blogs on the side while we pay the bills with a regular job. But there’s a growing demographic of aspirational bloggers who see online publishing as more than a hobby.

Blogging for fun is good – blogging for money is even better
So how should one go about pulling in a few bucks from their WordPress blog? What are the best strategies? The answer today is different to what the answer would have been ten years ago.

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