15 Questions to Make Killer Client Proposals [List]

Understanding your client is the biggest part of winning their business and exceeding their expectations to gain more business in the future.

So how do you do it?  It starts with the client proposal.  A great client proposal positions you as a reliable professionals and sets the tone for the project.  Interested?  Here are the 15 must-ask questions to deliver winning client proposals.

The more information you have before you create a client proposal, the better. When you know about your prospect and their expectations, needs and means, you can create a more accurate and detailed proposal.

You can also create an outline and plan that helps the client see if you are right for them, which will lead to more accepted proposals and better project outcomes. And, you can learn enough about the client to decide if they are a right fit for you, which will help you find more projects that align with your skills, interests and work practices.

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