14 Things You Can Make With WordPress (& Maybe Make Money!) [List]

Blogs are great and WordPress is an excellent platform for blogging, but there’s far more that WordPress excels at and there are quite possibly some uses for it you may not have thought of.

This article goes through 14 things you can do with WordPress, many of which can be substantial income sources or even grow into a full-fledged business of their own. It then provides several different plugins and options you can use for each, showcasing the power and flexibility that WordPress offers in generating more income.

Since 2003, WordPress has been utilized to power millions of online presences. It’s hard to believe what the world would be like without WordPress — one thing for certain is that 28 percent of the internet would be gone if WordPress ceased to exist.

With over 1.2 billion downloads to date, WordPress has shown just how powerful it can be, and that it’s not just a blogging tool anymore.  Here are 14 awesome things you might not have realized you can do with WordPress.

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