14 Mistakes that Freelancers Make on Projects & How to Address Them [List]

Freelancing is a flexible, exciting business. Particularly if you enjoy your work, you may be eager to jump in and start working whenever a new project comes along. But you need to make sure your price estimates are thought-out, and understood by both parties or you could run into trouble.

Below is a list of 14 of the most common project estimate mistakes freelancers often make. It runs through each one individually, explaining why it’s a problem and offering advice to avoid them and keep your freelance business running and smoothly as possible.

Here are 14 mistakes freelancers make when creating a project estimate and how to fix them or avoid them all together:

– Not speaking to the client first.
Not knowing your minimum hourly rate.
Not accounting for profit.
Not accounting for additional expenses.
Not scoping projects correctly.
Not providing package options.
Not including terms and conditions.
Not sticking to your guns.
Not making the proposal a marketing piece.
Not making the prospect a priority.
Not making it easy to get started.
Not making it easy to pay.
Not catching typos and errors.
Not following up.

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