12 Tips for Becoming a Freelance WordPress Writer [List]

Freelance is a career style with a lot of benefits, from personal freedom to better control of who you work with. Writing is a popular choice for freelancers, but it can have some challenges when you’re first getting into it.

To make the start a bit easier, the article below provides twelve tips for becoming a freelance WordPress writer, from building professional relationships, reading other writers’ work, organization tips, and much more. Having a good start is the best path to a successful future, so be sure to give it a read.

So you want to start a freelance writing business, and you’re interested in writing about WordPress? The good news is that anyone can write. The bad news is that not every person who writes will get published. Furthermore, not every good writer can turn writing into a profitable business.

Still, there are those who are making it happen. We interviewed nine prominent freelance writers in the tech, startup, and WordPress spaces and asked them to share insights into how they got things going. We asked about business lessons they’ve learned, as well as their best piece of advice for other writers.

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