10 Ways to Make More Money as a WordPress Freelancer [List]

Freelancing as a WordPress professional is great because you’re in control, work your own hours and can work from wherever you want.  But to be financially successful as a WordPress freelancer you have to charge rates that support your financial goals.

You have to charge enough to pay taxes, save for retirement, have health insurance and more all while supporting a desirable quality of life.  So how can you get there?  Here are 10 tips for increasing your rates as a WordPress freelancer.

What is your first thought when a spouse, friend, or someone else close to you suggests going on vacation? Is it, “Yes! Let’s do it!” Or is it more like, “Ehhhh… How much will this cost me?” In a recent survey, freelancers were asked to fill in the blank: “Compared to a job with a traditional employer, freelancing makes me feel…”

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