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Welcome to another issue of the ProfitPress Top 10! We’re excited to share another 10 of the most valuable articles that we could find to help you make more money online with WordPress.

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The Top 10

Freelancers & Agencies

Do You Ever Feel Guilty Selling Your WordPress Services?  Don’t,  Here’s Why

Do you ever feel guilty about selling WordPress services to clients? Like somehow you’re ripping them off because you’re doing something they could easily do on their own if only they took time to research it? Or perhaps it’s the fact that WordPress and many of its integrations are free and you feel that your markup is too high? You should never feel guilty about that.

24 Ways for WordPress Freelancers to Sustain Profitability [List]

If you don’t charge what your consulting services are worth, you’ll soon find you won’t have the ability to offer that service to anyone. The following guide covers everything you need to know to build and sustain profitability in WordPress consulting.

How To Get More Clients With Facebook [Guide]

Thinking about creating a Facebook Group to promote your business? You are in the right place! Read on to find out how we did it! We decided to share a case study about how we grew our group and why you should do it too! Join us for a 10 minutes read where we share the little-known details and the challenges we faced while growing our Facebook group. After using the methods, our Facebook group had a 400% increase in the number of members, but most importantly, our engagement increased with 350%.

Ways to Make Money

You Don’t Have to be a Developer to Make Money with WordPress – Here’s How!

You’ve probably heard about this thing called WordPress and how people are using it to make money. They could be developing WordPress themes and plugins or creating amazing websites. You might ask, “can I start a WordPress business of my own?” Let’s assume you have a little experience with WordPress. Maybe you’ve blogged on a WordPress site, or maybe you’ve helped a friend create a small online storefront. You don’t, however, know a lick of code (PHP looks like gobbledy gook on your screen). You’re in luck.

Top 10 Reasons Selling Digital Products Beats Selling Physical Products [Guide]

Digital products have become so pervasive that nearly all of the top professional bloggers, speakers, and other influential public figures have taken advantage of the trend, releasing sought-after content like PDF guides, eBooks, podcasts, and videos. Additionally, many independent creators have built entire online stores based around digital products, joining a booming economy of people enjoying greater personal freedom and passive income. So what are the factors and benefits that make these types of products so appealing? Here’s a list of the top reasons why selling digital products is better than selling physical products.

How to Put Together a WordPress Career Plan

So, what’s your career plan? Do you have one? Maybe you don’t? If you don’t, let’s do something about it in this post on how to build a successful career with WordPress. Before you launch yourself into searching for a job, setting yourself up as a freelancer, or launching your agency or your fabulous WordPress product, you should do some planning. This will help ensure success both now and on an ongoing basis.

How to Automate Affiliate Income with a Curated Content WordPress Site

I’m going to show you how you can automatically curate content and automatically insert relevant affiliate links into that content. You’re going to see the word “automatically” a lot. After the setup process, it’s pretty much 100% hands-off. Want to learn more? Let’s get started.

Selling Products & Services

Selling Digital Products?  Here’s How to Write Copy That Sells!

Are you stumped on how to write compelling digital product copy and descriptions? How do you feature your podcast, e-course, plugin, etc. to its fullest advantage? What’s the best way to make your digital product stand out in a competitive market? The good news is that you don’t have to be an English or marketing major to be able to write great digital product copy. With a little bit of creativity and passion, you can attract online interest and convert visitors into customers.

How to Boost Slow Sales of Digital Products

It can happen to the best of us: one moment, your digital products are flying off the metaphorical shelves, and the next, things have slowed down so much that you feel the need to take some action – and fast! First things first… breeeeaaathe. We’ve got you! In this post we’ll look at some actionable steps you can take today to push past the lull and get sales flowing again.

10 Ways to Sell High End Digital Products [List]

Whether you’re selling eBooks, digital artwork, audio, or services, certain marketing elements and strategies are essential if you want to get customers to buy – but this especially true for high-priced products! We’ve pulled together some important tips to help you make the most of your marketing efforts and inspire customers to confidently spend on your high-priced, big ticket products or services!

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