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ProfitPress Top 10

Welcome to another issue of the ProfitPress Top 10! We’re excited to share another 10 of the most valuable articles that we could find to help you make more money online with WordPress.

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The Top 10

Plugins & Themes

How to Sell WordPress Plugins & Themes [Guide]

The thought of ditching your day job, abandoning your clients and selling your themes and plugins can be very tempting. For those who’ve made a success of it, it can be lucrative. But once you’ve written and released your code, the work isn’t over. You’ll need to market it, keep it updated, test it regularly and provide support. But if you follow this advice, your career as a theme or plugin vendor will be more successful and you’ll provide real value to the WordPress community.

How SEOPress Went From Idea to 10,000 Installs in 12 Months as a Side Project [Interview]

Benjamin Denis is an interesting WordPress plugin creator from France. He agreed to share his entrepreneurial strategies with us, and talk about how he took SEOPress from a mere idea to a sustainable business in one year while working full-time at a web agency.

The Ultimate Tax Guide for WordPress Plugin & Theme Developers [Guide]

The United States has a number of tax laws on the Federal, State, and Local levels that WordPress theme and plugin developers need to be aware of. This post will talk about the tax implications of things like outsourcing work, incorporating your business, and sales taxes.

Freelancers & Agencies

How to Build a Career as a WordPress Professional in Your Free Time [Guide]

Getting established as a WordPress pro isn’t easy. If you want to freelance or set up a WordPress business, you’ll need to build up a list of clients and establish a reputation for yourself. And if you’re looking for a WordPress job, you’ll need to demonstrate that you’ve got experience with WordPress and can work with it at a professional level.

How to be a Successful WordPress Professional [Guide]

Professionals make the most money, have the most influence and generally have it good. They also fair well when faced with challenges since they are skilled and hence more confident in their capabilities. They are the creme de la creme, and everybody (read clients) want a piece of their awesomeness. Pros do it big and are as a result the envy of the millions who don’t make the cut. With all these nice things ready for the taking, why wouldn’t anyone want to become the go-to person in their area of expertise? Here’s how to do it.

Starting a WordPress Business?  Here are 30 Expenses You Should Expect [List]

As WordPress gains more and more of the global CMS market share, there are a lot of opportunities to help businesses establish a strong digital presence with it. Needless to say, launching a WordPress business in this environment is a smart move. That said, no matter how slow of a start you have with your WordPress business, there are costs everyone has to contend with.

The Top 10 Reasons You Don’t Close Sales on Website Projects [List]

Rejection is part of the gig. And you know what? It’s okay if a prospect rejects your proposal, so long as the reason for it is valid. Perhaps your style of communication or work doesn’t blend well with the client’s. Or maybe your pricing is too far out of reach for a company of that size. Or maybe they really are happy with their current web designer. When there’s a valid reason for rejection, accept it with grace, thank them for their time, and move on.

Ways to Make Money

How to Sell Photographs Online with WordPress [Guide]

A picture is worth a thousand…dollars? If priced correctly and marketed to the right customers, it certainly could be. Photographs can definitely be distributed as products on the web and there’s a huge market of customers looking for just the right image. There’s a huge market of customers looking for just the right photo. In this article we look into the intricacies of selling photographs.

40+ Proven Ways to Make More Money [List]

I want to cut through all that BS and give you the three best ways you can start making money TODAY, along with 42 more ideas on how you can generate cash on the side. Learn exactly how to make extra money with these cash-generating ideas. Plus, I’ll show you my three favorite ways to start earning more money today.

How to Sell Digital Courses [Guide]

With the internet being the most widespread and easily accessible source of information, e-learning has skyrocketed – and selling digital courses has never been more popular! If you’re thinking about selling digital courses, we’ve put together this guide to help you… learn (ahem)… how to get started.

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