ProfitPress Top 10: Issue #23

ProfitPress Top 10

Welcome to another issue of the ProfitPress Top 10! We’re excited to share another 10 of the most valuable articles that we could find to help you make more money online with WordPress.

This is your exclusive digest of the information and opportunities that you don’t have time to hunt down, but definitely want to read!

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The Top 10

Memberships & Online Courses

Interview with Brian Krogsgard on Running His Post Status Membership Business [Interview]

I have an enormous amount of respect for what Brian has created over at Poststatus. Poststatus is a mix of WordPress and industry news, with a paid for membership component. Brian spills the beans on how he started the successful WordPress membership and news website, Poststatus.

CGCookie: An Example of How to Run a Successful Membership Site [Interview]

This interview is with Jonathan Williamson, co-founder of CGCookie. He’s going to talk to us about running a real world membership website on WordPress. Jonathan is Pippin Williamson’s twin brother, and he has years of experience running membership websites. There is much that we can learn from him.

Why Membership Sites Need Premium Content to Succeed

Building a thriving membership site isn’t easy, and you want to crack the code to success. But first, you must consider the incentives for your potential customers to join your membership site – and stick around. Enter premium content. This kind of super-exclusive content opens the door to a cascade of benefits, from generating interest in your site, monetization, and building revenue, to enhancing brand perception and reinforcing your content authority.

Freelancers & Agencies

Tips & Advice for Selling Services Through Your Website [Guide]

Services are a completely different type of digital “product”. You trade your time and specialized skills for remuneration, instead of selling a downloadable product. How do you ensure your service is beneficial to both you and your potential clients? Here we’ll provide tips and advice for selling your services online.

5 New Ways for Freelancers to Get Clients [List]

Finding new clients is exciting and inspires our confidence. It means money in the bank, food on the table, a roof over our heads and spare cash for fun stuff like holidays, new Apple products or whatever your vice is. So why are most freelancers so bad at it and how can you fix it?

How to Supercharge Your WordPress Cash Flow with Repeat Client Business [Guide]

The biggest issue that WordPress businesses and consultants face is cash flow. For some reason, particularly as new businesses, we feel that continually finding new customers is the key to growing a business. But many businesses owners still feel there is a disconnect between your new customer sale and creating a regular customer out of them. I’m going to show you how to start that conversation with a customer to move them to a regular customer.

9 Killer Tips to Win More Contracts & Get More Clients [List]

Contracts allow us to come to a mutual understanding with our clients regarding what we will be doing, at what cost, and for how long. Here are nine tips that will have your loving contracts and winning more contracts, faster.

Selling Products & Services

How to Succeed Juggling Many Roles Running a Bootstrapped Business [Guide]

Most small businesses begin with just one or two people, which inevitably means the founder or founders constantly juggle dozens of different tasks every day. In this post, Pippin Williamson shares some advice on the art of juggling many roles in a bootstrapped eCommerce business.

How to Inspire Customer Confidence When Selling Digital Products [Guide]

In the era of hackers, fraud, and online theft, customers are taking more precautions than ever with their money – and if you sell digital goods, this means you are likely faced with adjusting your methods to create (or reclaim) customer confidence in your brand and products. Here’s how.

14 Tools to Help You Build a SaaS Product [List]

A cloud-based SaaS product can be a highly lucrative opportunity. Of course, you have to find the time, resources, and money to build it first. These are the 14 free or inexpensive tools you can use to build a SaaS on the cheap.

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