ProfitPress Roundup: Issue #2

How to Make More Money with WordPress

In this issue of the ProfitPress Roundup we've curated more of the best articles to help you make more money with WordPress.  Enjoy!

The Roundup

Productized Services

Why WordPress Professionals Should Consider Productized Services

Productized services are a relatively new path for WordPress freelancers who are tired of client.  Not only is it more scalable, but if done right it can also be a lot more profitable.  Learn how.

3 Productized Service Examples to Add to Your WordPress Business

Productized services offer new opportunities for WordPress professionals. They can be offered as add-on services or standalone services. This article offers 3 examples of productized consulting services that WordPress professionals can add to their offerings.

7 Steps to Building a Profitable Productized WordPress Service

If the last two articles have piqued your interest in productized services and you want to learn more about how to get started, then read on.  This 7-step guide will teach you how to productize your WordPress business.

Plugins & Themes

How to Sell WordPress Themes & Plugins to Enterprise Customers

Most WordPress professionals serve individuals and small business, but there’s another customer that’s willing to pay you more: Enterprises. If you can earn their trust and meet their needs, you may have what it takes to land your first enterprise customer.

Freelancers & Agencies

How to Start & Grow a Freelance Business: The Ultimate Guide

This guide focuses on getting more leads, growing referrals and streamlining how you get new clients–which will be one of the most important parts of sustaining and growing your business. There’s plenty of WordPress work to go around, but the best jobs are competitive–this guide will give you the edge you need to make it rain!

Your #1 Business Mistake: Racing to the Bottom

We all want customers to choose our products and services over competitors. The easiest way to do this is to compete on price by lowering your prices. Competing on price is called “a race to the bottom” and can kill your business. What’s the worse thing about a race to the bottom? You might win.

25 Ways for WordPress Freelancers to Get More Leads

The hardest part about life as a WordPress freelancers is consistently generating quality leads.  If you’re new to freelancing how do you first get that leads flywheel going over the first few years? Here are 25 ways to generate qualified leads that you can start doing today.

5 Ideas for Generations WordPress Web Design Leads

As the WordPress freelance market continues to grow it also continues to get more competitive, so we’re always looking for new ways to consistently generate quality leads. From coworking spaces to Upwork and online classifieds, this post gives you 5 new ways to generate leads for your freelance WordPress web design business.

The Ultimate WordPress Web Design Client Project Questionnaire

If you’ve been a WordPress freelancer for a while then you probably already know that how a client project begins is a pretty good indicator of how it will end up.  A questionnaire is your secret weapon to ensure you ask the right question every time and your client gives you everything you need to exceed their expectations. Here's how to create the ultimate WordPress client project questionnaire.

The WordPress Web Developer Honor Code

The average small business has a poor experience having their business website built on WordPress. As WordPress professionals, this is a failure on our part. If, as a community of WordPress professionals, we can align on the kind of consistent, quality experience we want to give out clients (the one they deserve), we’ll raise the bar in the WordPress ecosystem and our rates will raise accordingly.

How to Close More Leads With the Anti-Follow Up

Are you having trouble closing leads? Changing how you follow-up with prospective clients could help. Many freelancers follow up in a way that seems desperate, which could be a turn-off to prospective clients. Instead, try following up in a way that builds authority, positions you as an expert and builds a relationship.

Marketing & Advertising

How to Grow Your WordPress Business with Google AdWords

Once your WordPress business is mature and you understand your target customer, paid advertising can be a great way to grow your business. A good place to start is Google AdWords, which is the largest ad platform for pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. They have the largest base to give you access to more potential customers than anyone else.


Why (& How) to Use Value-Based Pricing to Sell WordPress Products & Services

As entrepreneurs (and especially as developers) we frequently undervalue our products and services. This not only leaves money on the table, but it’s also bad for your customers. Undercharging jeopardizes the future of the product or service they depend on. Paying what it’s worth supports the ongoing maintenance and development of the product. One way to fix this is with value-based pricing.

Ways to Make More Money with WordPress

How to Build a Successful Career with WordPress

WordPress powers around 1/3 of websites worldwide and has a thriving community of fans. Maybe you blog with WordPress, use it for your soccer team or church group. You’re familiar with WordPress and now you want to know if you can make a living with it. The answer is a resounding YES!

Jobs Page

If you haven’t visited ProfitPress since the relaunch we recommend checking out the new Jobs page.  It has a curated list of 100+ job resources for WordPress and Remote (non-WordPress specific) jobs.

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