Should You Sell Premium WordPress Themes on ThemeForest?


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Have you ever created a premium WordPress theme to sell?  If so, one of the big considerations is where to sell it. One option is to sell it yourself from your own site. While that can be a viable option, it's not without its own difficulties. Another popular option is to post it to one of the existing theme marketplaces.

The article below takes a look at ThemeForest, one of the most popular theme sales sites, and runs through its pros and cons to help you decide if its the right choice for you to make more money with WordPress.

If you've got premium WordPress themes for sale or are considering whether ThemeForest is the right way to sell them – read this article.

We're going to look at the most popular theme marketplace for WordPress themes. We’re going to try and understand what are the pros/cons of selling WordPress themes on ThemeForest.

So if you’ve got premium WordPress themes you’d like to sell and are wondering if ThemeForest is a viable option for you – read on.

Read the full article: Is ThemeForest a Good Place to Sell Your Premium WordPress Theme?

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