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Pricing can be a tricky topic for freelancer and agencies alike. You know your services are valuable, but just how much should you charge for them? The answer to this, of course, varies highly. A common idea is to start your prices low, with the intention of raising them later.

While this can help you get business in your early stages as you learn and grow, it can make it rather difficult to get your prices up if you get your clients too accustomed to the lower fees. The article below talks about a couple of ways to solve this, by anchoring higher prices and creating logical points for you and your clients to reevaluate pricing.

Years ago I was coaching a young entrepreneur that was just getting started with her business.

As we talked about all the different things that go into running your first business, we landed on the topic of price.

Her response to me was something I’ve since heard several more times: “I can always raise my rates later.”

Read the full article: This is hard: Raising your prices

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