Make More Money by Automating Your WordPress Business


As a WordPress professional managing client sites and building websites for clients, your time is money.  The more time you can save, the more projects you can complete and the more clients you can take on.  So, if you can save time automating WordPress tasks, then you can increase revenue from your WordPress business and grow your margins.

You can automate everything from security and backups to WordPress website optimization and spam protection.  Read this article to learn more about the opportunities to automate your WordPress business and the tools to help you do it.

Automation can be a scary word for some, especially when a business relies on being able to make a personal connection with clients or customers.

When it comes to working in WordPress, however, we understand that automation is a good thing (up to a certain point anyway). While we obviously don’t want a bot writing a bunch of gobbledygook for our blogs, we do want to streamline our workflows when it makes sense to do so.

Read the full article: How to Take Full Advantage of WordPress Automation

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