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ProfitPress Top 10

Welcome to another issue of the ProfitPress Top 10! We’re excited to share another 10 of the most valuable articles that we could find to help you make more money online with WordPress.

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The Top 10

Selling Products & Services

The Key Metrics for an Ecommerce Business Selling Digital Products

Numbers and metrics can be stressful. As a business owner, you’re likely swimming in numbers every day. Revenue, net profit, tax, expenses… numbers and statistics are your life. Plus, you’re also the creator of your digital product or service, working tirelessly in an increasingly saturated online market, getting it done. Here are the most important website and eCommerce metrics specifically for digital products, so you can spend less time living in a statistical slurry, and more time working on improving and growing your business.

How to Create a Roadmap for a WordPress Plugin

A product roadmap “translates strategic decisions into actionable plans that provide direction for the development team and other stakeholders” (Strategize). It is a Document (the smaller the better) that you share with key stakeholders (the folks who care about / are affected by your product) to communicate direction, get their input, and facilitate alignment. A roadmap is not a backlog or a checklist of todos (those are important, but different).

Key Channels for Marketing Your Online Business

Whether you’re just getting started, or you’ve been around the block and back again, marketing will always be a part of your business. Marketing is broad. It’s not just an ad in The Economist, or a billboard in Times Square. You don’t need a multi-million dollar budget for a 60-second spot in the Super Bowl ad break, nor do you need to try and win awards at Cannes. When you speak to someone about your company, that’s marketing. When you send an email with your company signature, that’s marketing. When you give a local meetup talk or participate in a podcast about your expertise, that’s marketing. And it is crucial to the success of your business. Here are the channels you could use to do it right.

Freelancers & Agencies

14 Ways to Ensure Your Next Web Design Project is Successful [List]

At the heart of every successful client services business are happy and satisfied clients, streamlined project management, and web design projects that boost the bottom line. That’s why it pays to develop strategies that will ensure the success of your web design projects — and your business. Here are 14 ways to make that happen.

How the Discover Phase Can Save Client Projects

The discovery phase is a crucial part of a project if you are hoping for an accurate understanding of what the client needs, who will be using the end product, and what the technology behind each step is. At the end of this phase of the project, you will know the scope of the project and you should be able to deliver a document for each piece of the puzzle you “discovered” along the way. But this process is not free. Either the client pays for it, or your company eats the cost. Here’s why it’s worth it.

16 Ways to Generate Client Referrals [List]

If you have freelanced or owned your own business for any length of time, you know how difficult it can be to create a constant, steady stream of qualified clients who are happy to pay you what you’re worth. From marketing and social media efforts to networking and advertising to strategic partnerships and public speaking, it takes a lot of time, energy, and effort to persuade a stranger to hire you or buy from you. Here are 16 simple things you can do to provide remarkable service, turn your clients into raving fans, and earn more referrals.

Should Freelancers Invest in Building an Audience?

However, the exact same higher-touch lead generation and nurturing strategies enterprise companies use can be used by you, even if you’re solo. There’s a lot about effective audience building that we can learn from enterprise leaders who have lead generation and nurturing down to a science. Ready to start playing the long game? I’ve got 3 core truths to start with (that many of us learned the hard way).

Ways to Make Money

5 Ways to Start Making Money with WordPress [Guide]

Do you want to make money with your WordPress website? Whether you want to generate some side income or make it a full-time job, WordPress offers plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs. Create and sell products, teach or manage others’ websites, or just blog; you can make good money from WordPress. Shot for ideas? No worries, there’s an infinite number of things you can do to earn revenue with a WordPress site. This list is just the beginning, but it should point you in the right direction.

How to Make $3,000,000 a Year Helping People

A large portion of the training was focused on an SEO blogger named Aaron Wall, who had turned his blog readers into raving fans paying him $50 to $100 per month for access to his private forum on the same topic. To this day Aaron still makes an estimated $50,000/m from the forum. Though I never got full access to the Teaching Sells course, the premise was clear: Earn the trust of your audience by giving away most of your knowledge for free, and then charge for it all to be packaged nicely in one place, often with additional insights. It’s a formula that worked very well 10 years ago, and still works incredibly well today.

3 Top Ways to Make Money with Podcasts

Podcasts can be a great way to get your voice out there, whether it be to teach, inform, or just make your opinion heard. But they can also be a great way to make an income, even a living, if monetized properly. The article below offers three different ways you can monetize a podcast: affiliates, […]

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