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Welcome to another issue of the ProfitPress Top 10! We’re excited to share another 10 of the most valuable articles that we could find to help you make more money online with WordPress.

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The Top 10

Affiliate Marketing

How to Launch an Affiliate Program [Guide]

Affiliate marketing is widely considered one of the most effective means of online monetization. It can be greatly beneficial for all parties involved, and as such, setting up an affiliate program is often a good idea for a product-based business. There’s a lot to consider to ensure that you get the most out of your […]

6 Ways to Reward Affiliates Other Than Money

Affiliate marketing runs around the central concept of reward – and empowering your affiliates to perform at their best is a must if you want your program to thrive. However, rewards don’t have to be monetary.

How to Turn Your Customers into Affiliates

When looking for the right people for your affiliate program, you may find that they’re right in front of you; in fact, existing customers can make some of the best affiliates! But, how do you approach the subject and actually get them on board? In this post, we talk about converting customers to affiliates, so you don’t miss out on untapped potential – and they don’t miss out on affiliate opportunities!

How to Pick the Right Affiliates

Running an affiliate program is a great way to boost your traffic and bring in more business. But for the program to be a success, you need to have the right affiliates. The article below is all about helping you find the affiliates that are the best match for your business and goals. It shows […]

Ways to Make Money

How to Build an Empire Out of Your Side Hustle

At some point, everyone has been told don’t quit your day job, meaning that they’re never going to earn a living based on something they love or enjoy. Some of you, however, may want to quit your day job to pursue whatever your dream is. So you work on it tirelessly in your free time. You pour blood, sweat, and tears into your side-hustle to create something out of nothing. So, if you’re looking to go from hobby to hustle to how you make your living, we can give you some tried-and-true advice.

How to Pick Your Next Bootstrapped Business Idea

Most business ideas are neither objectively good nor bad. The quality of an idea for you (as a founder) depends on your goals, your skill set, and your risk tolerance. Even the quintessential lousy idea of trying to “build the next Facebook” is not necessarily a bad idea. Someone will eventually pull it off – it just comes with an enormous amount of risk and requires one hell of a skill set. So given a list of potential ideas, how should one go about picking The One?

How to Rank Sites #1 on Google to Start Earning Money

Today I’m going to talk about part of my “empire” and reveal a number of my own websites which I rank in Google and then set-up to loan to other companies. This tactic of ranking websites in various industries – with the plan to give the traffic you receive to other businesses – is commonly referred to as Rank and Rent. I’ve been utilizing this tactic since 2012 and despite how many people were telling me it was saturated back then (don’t people say that about everything?) it still works very well today in 2017.

Plugins & Themes

Plugin Developer Stories: PixelRockstar by Vita Valka

PixelRockstar attempts to solve these problems with a unique plugin that gives you access to a stock photography catalog directly inside of WordPress. Photos are purchased with a simple credit system and all have proper licenses to avoid confusion or legal concerns. Vita Valka, one of the team members behind PixelRockstar, answered my questions about the plugin’s initial creation, challenges the team has run into during development and about the plugin’s unique pricing structure.

Plugin Developer Stories: Simple Feature Requests by James Kemp

WordPress developer James Kemp has recently released a plugin aimed at software developers called Simple Feature Requests. With this plugin software developers can collect and manage user feedback about their product. You might remember James as the man behind Iconic where he makes and sells a host of WooCommerce plugins. We spoke with James about Iconic last year and now he’s back to discuss his newest product with us.

Does a Freemium Business Model Work with WordPress Products?

Can the freemium business model benefit your commercial product in the WordPress ecosystem, i.e. help you sell more premium licenses? This article looks into the 3 most popular business models in the open-source ecosystem and specifically breaks down the arguments for and against the freemium business model in WordPress. Let’s try to understand if freemium is the right business model for your WordPress product!

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