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Welcome to another issue of the ProfitPress Top 10! We’re excited to share another 10 of the most valuable articles that we could find to help you make more money online with WordPress.

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The Top 10

Ways to Make Money

3 Keys to Succeeding as a WordPress Entrepreneur [List]

Close your eyes and imagine what sort of WordPress business you’d like to build. Do you want a business that brings in regular work and pays the bills? Or do you want a business that has the potential to scale and grow, so that you can increase your income while decreasing your hours? Both of these are possible in the WordPress economy. It all depends on what sort of business owner you decide to be.

WordPress Developers Statistics: How Much WordPress Developers Make & Much More

As a web developer, there’s always that curiosity about what your peers are up to. Where are they from? How much do they make? Do they work remotely? Over the years, we’ve received questions from our blog readers wanting to know these answers and more so we decided to pull together a little industry survey to find out. We received 420 responses and got some real insight into the careers of WordPress developers. We found out about experience levels, how freelancers are getting clients and much more. Let’s dive in.

Boost Your Sales by Selling on WooCommerce & Amazon Together

A common question asked by online sellers ask is: “Should I be selling on Amazon or through my own online store?”. The answer? Both. Whether you’re just starting out or you already have your own successful online store, here’s five reasons why you should start using Amazon to connect with more customers today.

Memberships & Online Courses

How to Put Together a Content Strategy for a Membership Site [Guide]

Keeping your members engaged and coming back to your site is essential if you want to avoid member churn and nurture the long-lasting relationships that sustain a thriving membership business. Member engagement is the goal, but what drives it? It’s not just about creating interesting and useful content, it’s about helping your members get from A to B – giving them the real-world results they need to improve their lives or achieve their goals.

How Gamification Can Increase Engagement on Your Membership Site

Keeping your members engaging with your site on a regular basis is essential if you want to avoid member churn, build your brand, and maximize your revenue – and one of the best ways to do that is by using gamification! What is gamification? In simple terms, it refers to incorporating game-like elements such as points tracking, leaderboards, rewards, and achievement badges into your business. Since its first appearances in the early 2000s, this trend has exploded, becoming a dominant engagement strategy used by some of the biggest brands around – and it’s particularly useful for memberships.

How to Grow Your Business with Memberships

If you’re a digital business owner, you might be wondering what you can do to expand your brand and revenue. Enter memberships. Incorporating memberships into your existing business can transform the entire experience for you and your customers – from a more streamlined approach to things like payments and delivering content, to vertical scalability that enables you to grow your business to levels you might not have imagined. Not only that; the membership model is rapidly becoming the go-to business model in a fast-paced society that wants increasing efficiency, simplified payments, and regularly updated content. In this post we discuss some of the ways you can beef up your business with memberships so you and your customers can reap the rewards!

Freelancers & Agencies

High-Ticket Sales Funnels Can Win You More Leads, But Are They Right for Your Business?

Ever feel like you’re spending too much time searching for leads, convincing them to work with you, and then trudging through projects that fail to generate a worthwhile profit? It’s a common enough problem, for sure. But it’s not one without a solution: high ticket sales funnels. They can work, but high-ticket sales funnels are not for the faint of heart.

Plugin Developer Stories: Toolbar Extras by David Decker

Toolbar Extras is a plugin built with the user in mind by giving easy to reach access to site building resources. This plugin gives you an extended toolbar in the WordPress admin to let you have quick route to features of a wide variety of third-party plugins, like page builder Elementor, and even a handful of themes. Developer David Decker was kind enough to answer my questions about his history with WordPress, how he began building Toolbar Extras, what it’s like to build a plugin that supports so many third-party products and his thoughts on Elementor and page builders in general.

How WordPress Professionals Can Achieve Financial Security [Guide]

According to a recent AND CO report, “Freedom is the new wealth.” What they’re referring to is the actual freedom that comes with being self-employed and away from the constraints of corporate life. Many of the surveyed freelancers reported serious issues with profitability, leaving me to wonder: Is professional freedom more valuable than financial freedom? I’m kidding. Of course, I’m not wondering that. I know for a fact that if you’re swimming in debt, struggling to stay in the black with your business and fighting for every single penny you earn, there is absolutely no freedom there. Today, I’m going to ask you to imagine a world where you had the security of knowing you were financially covered before you even begin work.

How Niching Your Business Can Make You a More Successful Freelancer

“Choosing a niche,” or coming up with strong business positioning, is one of the most difficult exercises for many of the freelancers I’ve worked with over the years. I think they point to a big disconnect between what niching actually is and what niching is thought to be.

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