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How to Make More Money with WordPress

A Failed Attempt

We first launched ProfitPress in 2013 as a program to help WordPress freelancers make extra money by better monetizing low-value clients.  It was an interesting concept and fun to build, but the model ultimately proved unsuccessful.

Over the last few months we’ve been revamping ProfitPress with an improved mission and approach.

Our New Mission: Help WordPress Professionals Make More Money

We help WordPress professionals make more money.

We believe in empowering WordPress professionals like you. You’re an artisan, an expert & a master of your craft. You should be doing your best work, not wasting hours trying to stay at the top of your game.

We empower professionals just like you by delivering an in-depth, highly researched, professionally curated content to give you the edge over your competition & grow your business.

Let us help you build a business as great as your ambitions.

The ProfitPress Mission Statement

We’re broadening our approach to help all WordPress professionals: freelancers, agencies, plugin/theme developers, bloggers and anyone else who makes money with WordPress.

WordPress powers 1/3 of all websites–it’s powerful, versatile software and WordPress professionals wield that power.

But most WordPress professionals lack the knowledge to fully leverage that power–it’s a different skill set.

ProfitPress closes that gap to help WordPress professionals understand their unique strengths & discover how to start making extra money.

By extension, we’re also helping aspiring WordPress professionals–individuals who want to earn more money and see WordPress as a path to getting there.

Our New Approach

Our new approach is to build a valuable WordPress resource over the next 5 years through content curation, writing in-depth guides, exploring new business models, sharing where other WordPress professionals are finding success and more.

We’ll also experiment with new plugins, frameworks and more.  We’ll share these learnings in structured, easily searchable way (we’ve been experimenting with Algolia and it’s awesome).

How ProfitPress is Organized

Here’s how we’ve organized ProfitPress:

All resources are free.  We want ProfitPress to be sustainable, so we’ll look into monetizing with affiliate links, premium guides, memberships, etc. in the future.

We’re just building our content library, so expect our limited content to steadily grow as we add new material.

Thanks and here’s to earning more with WordPress!

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