Plugin Developer Stories: Toolbar Extras by David Decker


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Toolbar Extras in a popular, and powerful, WordPress plugin. It gives you quick access from your toolbar to site building tools, and even integrates with a wide variety of other plugins for expanded utility and ease of use.

If you’re interested in the story behind the plugin, then the interview below with David Decker, its developer, is sure to be a good read. They cover topics such as how he got started with WordPress, where the idea for the plugin came from, and the future of Toolbar Extras.

Toolbar Extras is a plugin built with the user in mind by giving easy to reach access to site building resources. This plugin gives you an extended toolbar in the WordPress admin to let you have quick route to features of a wide variety of third-party plugins, like page builder Elementor, and even a handful of themes. Developer David Decker was kind enough to answer my questions about his history with WordPress, how he began building Toolbar Extras, what it’s like to build a plugin that supports so many third-party products and his thoughts on Elementor and page builders in general.

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