How SEOPress Went From Idea to 10,000 Installs in 12 Months as a Side Project [Interview]


Building a successful business or product is difficult, especially as a side project. These things take a lot of time and effort, and managing that alongside another full-time job is quite the balancing act.

It’s certainly possible to succeed, however. Such is the case with Benjamin Denis and his SEOPress plugin. He shares his story of how he did it below, providing valuable insight into achieving success in the WordPress space.

Benjamin Denis is an interesting WordPress plugin creator from France. He agreed to share his entrepreneurial strategies with us, and talk about how he took SEOPress from a mere idea to a sustainable business in one year while working full-time at a web agency.

Read full article: How @wp_seopress Took His #WordPress #Plugin From An Idea to 10K+ Active #Installs in 1 Year On His Spare Time!

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