5 Mistakes That Will Kill Your WordPress Plugin Profits [List]


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There’s a lot that goes into any good business, and that goes for plugin development too. Finding a need that hasn’t been filled (or that you can fill better than anyone else), creating a good product, squashing bugs, and good marketing are all essential.

But those aren’t your only concerns. Read below to find five less obvious, sometimes overlooked issues that, whether they’re killing your plugin itself or your ability to profit from it, can bring your plugin development business to a grinding halt.

We all know that having a buggy plugin or dropping the ball on support is a quick way to kill off your plugin business, but what other, more subtle mistakes can leave you wondering if you’ll ever make a successful business out of your plugins?  Or worse yet, put you onto the maintenance treadmill, leaving you without any time, or energy, to actually create a viable business at all.

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