10 Ways to Close Client Project Deals Faster [List]


Most businesses come with extra tasks you have to do beyond your main focus. Whether you do web design, technical writing, or business consulting, you have to make sales. And even if you’re passionate about your business, it’s likely that the slae process doesn’t invoke the same passion.

If you fall into the category, be sure to give the article below a read. It will take you through ten ways to make getting sales easier, and faster, giving you more time to focus on the parts of your business that matter to you.

Sales. Ick. Blech. Ugh.

There is very little that the average designer, developer, freelancer, or business owner likes about sales, except the very end result of gaining a new client or customer.

With that in mind, today we’re looking at how we can shorten the sales cycle, and get prospects to say yes to hiring you, buying from you, or learning from you easier and faster.

Let’s examine 10 simple ways you can sell less and still close new sales:

Get prospects to say yes to hiring you, buying from you, or learning from you much easier and faster using these 10 simple ways to close a sale faster.

Read the full article: 10 Better Ways to Seal the Deal

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